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Sometimes You Need A Friend

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Starting a successful new business venture requires much more than a good idea or great product. Many new companies fail simply because they failed to mind the legal or administrative details of running their business. Establishing a legal corporation, setting up accounting processes and properly paying required taxes can be distractions from your core business development but are necessary for success.

With close ties to local college business programs, community resources and support businesses, we can help guide you through the process of establishing and operating your new firm the right way.

Knowledge Is Power

There are very few people who can design the next great tech product, deal with legal issues and manage the company finances successfully. It is very often necessary to rely on others to provide the support your venture needs as it gets you to the marketplace. Knowing what help you need and what questions to ask can help keep you in the driver’s seat.

The Gould Incubator’s programs for growing entrepreneurs include on-site classes in business operations, workshop opportunities with successful business leaders, classes at nearby Florence-Darlington Technical College and mentoring programs suited to your business needs.

Business Support Vendor List

To further assist in the smooth operation of your business, The Incubator staff maintains a list of local companies that perform services for start-up and early stage companies.  Vendors on this list, which will be accessible to Gould Incubator tenants and entrepreneurs, will be required to offer a discounted service in order to participate. Once you are established as a tenant, you will have online access to the complete list of these service providers and we will be happy to make your introduction!

Gould Incubator Supporting Resources

With close ties to local college business programs, community resources and support businesses, The Gould Business Incubator provides an environment that enables emerging businesses to focus on their core venture. Incubator tenants can easily and affordably acquire the support needed to succeed.